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The renewable energy industry has much attention from the global community with nations worldwide looking to improve their energy security and reliance on renewable energy sources. The recent developments in technology have made the market more affordable and attractive to investors while also driving up the demand for skilled workers in this sector. As a result, many new job titles have arisen from the advanced technology and equipment thus creating a skills gap as professionals are having to constantly repivot towards learning and developing new skills.

Employment & Skills Trends in Renewable Energy

The rapid advancement of this sector often cites employment opportunities as a key consideration and socioeconomic benefit of introducing low-carbon projects. The IRENA estimates that this market employed up to 12 million people in 2020, demonstrating significant growth from the original 7.3 million figure back in 2012. As renewable energy projects will become an essential part towards fighting poverty and lack of access to electricity in rural areas, it is only expected that employment numbers will only continue to grow. Salaries as a result are also increasing as companies look to secure competitive talent, especially those who have expertise in hardware and software for the renewables sector.

The largest markets employed within the renewable sector include solar photovoltaic (PV), bioenergy, hydropower, and wind power, with solar PV contributing close to 4 million jobs as of 2020. Trends have been identified linking the decrease in the cost of solar and wind tech to the number of jobs worldwide. This is as deployment and investment in these high-growth sectors are increasing as a result of market barriers, such as cost, lowering.

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