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Executive Search – Clean Tech CEO Placement

Market: Clean Technology

Service: Executive Search

Region: North America

“Pangea assisted our global expansion, which helped to reaffirm our position within the market as one of the digital EV leaders.”

  • Our client, the biggest international digital B2B marketplace for services related to charging an electric vehicle, was looking for a CEO for their new offices in the USA. This was the first role to build out the operations and one that was a crucial role for the company as it was the building block for the new company. However, as this was a new country venture for the company, they didn’t have a full understanding of the US EV market or a network there to find the individual, who would be such a critical member of the team.

  • We carried out our Executive Search function, which included a full market map, headhunting service and preliminary interviews to filter out the suitable candidates based on commercial and technical know-how.

    Candidates were also tested on their cultural fit as they would be the interface between the branches in the USA and Germany.

  • Pangea successfully placed the CEO within the designated time frame, which allowed the offices to be opened on time and the operations in the USA to commence.

    By opening the offices in the USA, the global expansion for this company has reaffirmed the company’s position within the market as one of the digital EV leaders.