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We believe that executive search for senior-level management and c-suite positions requires a vastly different approach to traditional recruitment processes. Nowadays, you can expect more proactive techniques targeting very distinct talent pools that include passive candidates with exceptional leadership acumen and career histories.

This nuanced approach and commitment to knowing the candidates are incredibly important for businesses adjusting their strategies to transform in line with the world’s energy transition. Seasoned professionals at oil majors or at companies in mature and competitive markets are re-evaluating and reinventing their skill sets to be better placed to secure career opportunities in renewables, clean energy and other exciting clean technology markets.

What to expect from the best executive search firms

Oftentimes it is the businesses with a pioneering vision or specific leadership need that tend to appoint an executive search firm. Retained business model agreements for executive search remain the norm as the initial upfront investment is balanced by vigorous effort delivered by the executive search team:

  • Substantial resource allocation;
  • Sophisticated communications activity;
  • Managed processes and function support.

Some of the more modern high-performing executive search firms have also expanded their offering to include advisory and business consultancy services.

The executive search solutions that we deliver

You can rest assured in knowing that we consider our clients to be partners. The focal points are candidate impact, career progression, team and company fit as well as long-term performance so that there is valuable growth all around.

Pangea Talent Solutions will always provide:
Access to specialist global talent pools.
Market-specific institutional knowledge on energy, sustainability and infrastructure.
Effective and confidential sourcing on a retained, contingent or exclusive basis.
Timely hiring of excellent talent no matter the niche or complexity.

Through built connections and networks within the energy sector markets, we can make the executive search process simple for you.

  • International Talent Pool – get introduced to professionals through a widened pool of global talent to fulfil specific business needs be it workforce diversity or geographic expansion.
  • Dedicated Market Specialist Headhunting Team and Account Manager – on engagement, we will dedicate a specific headhunting team focussed on your project. We help coordinate the full talent lifecycle helping you avoid the pitfalls of a multi-vendor non-exclusive contingent recruitment plan.
  • Technology Stack – our teams leverage the best talent technology on the market to identify well suited professionals and qualities to fit your project.
  • Brand power and marketing – we will reflect your employer brand in the most positive and representative light and use a blend of conventional and people-centred communications channels to attract the best executives available.
  • Smart Talent Assessment Methods – we believe successful executive hires and leadership integration requires delving into our client’s values, knowing their strategic priorities and matching this with thorough candidate evaluation to ensure a complete technical and cultural fit.

Some questions to think about

– Is there an internal capability to find the best talent for the strategic objective?
– How well equipped is your team to find the most suitable and outstanding executive candidates?
– What strategic value is your new executive hire expected to deliver in the next 6 to 24 months?
– Do you have a specialist that is embedded in the market and currently engaging the relevant talent pools?


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