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Statement of Work

A statement of work (SOW) is a relatively modern approach for many industries including IT, technology and engineering. SOWs tend to focus on a project with a specific timeline and a project scope set and agreed by the consultancy and the client. Effective collaboration is needed to create a comprehensive SOW. For example, the information could include project objectives, project scope, major deliverables, support deliverables, the completion timeline, project stakeholders and owners, location, required resources, communications rules, acceptance criteria, and payment terms.

What is a Statement of Work (S0W)?

SOW arrangements typically define a set of deliverables which once completed to the expected assignment standards lead to an agreed payment. A SOW outlines milestones and in the context of recruitment, they also place more responsibility on the workforce solutions provider to manage and take care of a variety of actions that support the provision of labour.

What we offer

We deliver not only personalised labour provision but also high-quality management of the other key activities that will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Pangea Talent Solutions will always provide:
Reliable and project-suitable professionals sourced from our global talent network.
Deep knowledge of agile PM methodologies infused in what we provide and moulded to your project goals.
Service levels that ensure optimal project delivery supported by world-class technology and decades of resource planning experience.

These are the client-tailored services we can provide as part of an outcome-based SOW:

  • Dedicated Project Management and Operations Team – we will always be present and collaborate at every stage, monitor success indicators to remain on track and protect the project from scope creep.
  • Technology Stack – our teams leverage the best talent technology on the market to identify well-suited professionals and qualities to fit your project.
  • Marketing Support – we help you develop campaigns to enhance your employer brand and attractiveness to a specific target audience of talent.
  • Strategic Evaluation – we will endeavour to immerse ourselves in your project to understand the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Effective Contingent Workforce Solutions – get access to the latest talent worldwide and integrate an SOW arrangement as part of your contingent workforce program without having to deal with the complexities of a contract for services.
  • IR35 Compliant Procedures – our teams will align with your compliance practices and utilise accountable processes that save time and enable company-wide integration.

Some questions to think about

– Do have time constraints or timeframes which are already set?
– Is your company fully capable of handling risk mitigation?
– Do you have structured processes, HR policies and procedures in place for the engagement of contingent workers?

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