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8 Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A company’s workforce can either make or break its success. Having the right team in place is critical to not only ensure the proper functioning of any organisation’s systems and processes, but also to build its culture. Recruitment, thus, plays a vital role in finding candidates that align with the goals and aspirations of the business.

In today’s day and age, staying agile and adapting in line with changing industry trends forms the need of the hour. This needs collaboration, as a smart blend of sustainable hiring and retention policies can benefit small and large companies alike. This is where HR leaders need to take Recruitment Process Outsourcing into consideration, as there has been a significant surge in its demand in recent years.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

In very simple terms, RPO enables organisations to outsource either part of, or their entire recruitment process to external service providers. The RPO provider then becomes responsible for managing recruitment at scale, from shortlisting candidates to onboarding them successfully.

In some cases, providers offer solutions that are customised to specific candidate requirements, such as taking care of the employer branding, sharing offer letters and being the point of contact for new hires. They may also bring in technology and analytics tools to optimise recruitment end-to-end. RPO can be a true asset in terms of both cost and resource efficiency if managed well. It frees up time for the internal business leaders to focus on scaling up operations, while ensuring that a people-first approach is maintained at all times.

Why should companies outsource recruitment?

Oftentimes, if companies hire multiple individuals every year, be it part-time, contractual or full-time, they face significant challenges with talent acquisition and retention. In-house capabilities for people management are more often than not limited, which in turn strains existing processes. This is true, especially for agile businesses that thrive on dynamic decision-making, and a lack of specialised expertise here adversely impacts overall efficiency.

Outsourcing recruitment to a team of experienced professionals can provide immediate benefits, including access to a wide range of databases and innovations that are definitely a step ahead of traditional hiring. There are many ways in which RPO can transform internal recruitment and maximise productivity.

Major benefits of outsourced recruitment

1. Better savings and higher cost efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing recruitment can offer superior oversight and authority over recruitment expenses compared to managing in-house, where it’s unclear how much time and resources are being spent on locating and selecting the right candidates. A more meticulous approach equates to fewer costs and higher returns in terms of finding and retaining the best employees.

2. Tapping into an exclusive talent pool

The scarcity of suitably qualified candidates is one of the major challenges in the global job market today. Searching for the right talent without having the expertise to source it can turn into a nightmare rather quickly, as screening from amongst thousands of applicants takes a lot of time and effort. However, implementing an RPO solution coupled with the correct technological tools provides a controlled approach to recruitment that is more streamlined.

Established RPO providers, more often than not, will have an extensive database of hard-to-find personnel, making it easier for client companies to secure in-demand candidates. This exclusive access and their proven expertise can fill niche job roles with a stronger quality of executives easily.

3. Compliance on point

Having a compliant recruitment process that is up to date with legislation is essential, especially for businesses that operate in various geographic locations or are looking to expand internationally. Local recruitment laws and regulations vary between countries, and to avoid any legal contraventions, HR departments need to stay updated with changing rules at all times. As a standard, RPO service providers are extensively knowledgeable in international and domestic labour laws, guaranteeing their clients face a minimal-risk hiring process.

4. Frees up HR time

Engaging a professional recruitment service provider is essential for boosting the efficiency of the HR department. By entrusting all recruiting aspects to an RPO firm, HR can fully concentrate on resolving internal issues that arise within the organisation, alleviating the strain on their resources. This greatly improves the staffing infrastructure, and makes for shorter hire times and longer retention.

5. Boosts employer branding

To attract high-value candidates, it is crucial for companies to project a positive image. RPO providers can help by thoroughly researching a company’s brand and creating a strong recruitment dialogue that highlights why talented individuals should choose to work with that specific company. A reputable RPO provider will act as an extension of the existing Talent Acquisition departments and serve as a positive ambassador of the brand, effectively enhancing the brand image.

8 Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

6. Informed decision-making through specialised recruitment needs

Outsourcing recruitment can provide added value beyond transactional recruitment, such as strategic inputs and recommendations to develop your workforce strategy in the short and long term.
An experienced recruitment outsourcer creates value by nurturing existing relationships with specialist agencies and ensures that business leaders can access these resources when needed.

7. Improved scalability and flexibility

A competent RPO provider can effectively manage the fluctuating hiring needs of companies, no matter their scale or size. With their expertise and a keen understanding of the specific goals and targets of each employer, they can provide recruitment services on a project or on-demand, ensuring that the optimal number of highly skilled individuals are hired at all times to meet the workforce’s needs.

8. Robust recruitment services, end to end: RPO providers possess unparalleled

expertise and privileged access to a global pool of talent, enabling them to offer comprehensive recruitment services to their clients. Their attention to detail for every aspect of the recruitment process delivers only the best candidates to their clients, leaving no detail overlooked.

All the above point towards the fact that having a more regulated and well-governed recruitment process definitely aids overall productivity. This not only improves the perception of the company’s business strategies for prospective employees but the current teams as well. To know more about how you can get started with an RPO process for your enterprise, get in touch with our team today!