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Global Mobility

The ability to effectively establish a workforce in different regions, to move or expand operations around the world while adhering to complex immigration regulations and local legal practices remain prevalent today. Trends indicate that labor movement is increasing, there is greater demand for employee relocation and workforce mobilisation services – thousands of companies worldwide are attempting to be better connected through international expansion.

What makes our Global Mobility and Workforce Mobilisation services unique?

One of our main aims is to reduce the cost, risk, and time it takes to expand into a new market. Our understanding of local personnel and contractor needs has led us to develop:

  • An extensive network of international partners;
  • A qualified in-house international compliance team;
  • A multi-currency global payroll system.
  • Vast knowledge of local market regulations.

What we offer

If you need to get people working in a location you have not operated in before, our global mobilisation service is designed to support you.

Pangea Talent Solutions will always provide:
Compliant relocation and immigration services.
Expert guidance on the necessary work and residence permits.
Full candidate care on aspects such as contracts, taxation and compensation structure.
The expert handling of processes that will fit your business operations, save you time and minimise risk – be it team resourcing, relocation, HR consulting or payroll.

Enabling opportunities on an international scale.

  • Mobilisation – start-to-finish strategy implementation, including compliant insurance.
  • Project Support – ongoing consultant engagement, HR outsourcing and payroll support.
  • Demobilisation – the withdrawal of assets and personnel whenever and however the project ends.
  • Marketing Support – we can help to deploy localised communications campaigns to target and attract the top talent in close proximity to your project locations.
  • Dedicated In-Country Support Team and Account Manager – our team members’ intimate know-how of the region and personnel involved as well as their provision of full support ensures your workforce assignments are seamlessly managed.

Some questions to think about

– Do you have dedicated staff who possess in-depth local knowledge?
– Are you aware of all the major implications linked to the local tax and regulatory obligations?
– How will the deployment and utilisation of staff overseas impact your legal obligations?
– Do you need a partner to manage in-country payroll and compliance whilst you are getting ready to enter a new market?

It may be well worth it to have a conversation about the ways to maximise your global mobility strategy.

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