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Transmission and Distribution

Electricity markets and infrastructure worldwide are evolving to account for the increased levels of renewables. Our consultants have worked on a multitude of programmes and projects and supported our clients to secure talented professionals across the entire transmission and distribution value chain.

Transmission and distribution networks worldwide are becoming more sophisticated as the array of DNOs, equipment manufacturers, electricity sources and regional businesses grow through investment and the need to transform to form smarter, more flexible and sustainable grids.

Power Transmission Labour and Skills Trends

Despite grid transformation being stunted by the macroeconomic factors in certain countries at the start of this decade, many countries in Europe along with the United States, China and India are doubling down their efforts to recover and sustain emission reductions. In the US alone, there are over 2 million workers employed in the electricity transmission, distribution and storage (TDS) industry according to a 2020 NASEO study. The primary workforce skills and experience required are set to change quite drastically in line with a number of key strategic areas.

  • Electricity Security – although the combination of electricity generation has evolved to a point where the positions of solar PV, wind and nuclear are becoming stronger, there is still a clean energy gap to close. Some of the main scenarios envisage nuclear filling this void and there are many advocates who believe solar PV is the best route to ensuring clean energy security is achieved worldwide with systems are more reliable, affordable and accepted by all involved.
  • Planning For Future Power Systems – global operators are focusing on ways to enhance energy efficiency and attempting to expand delivery to growing markets as well as the areas and cities becoming more interconnected. These next-generation sustainable systems also require digital capabilities which bring additional strategic considerations such as protection from cyber attacks as well as the usual physical threats. Electromobility is also a major consideration as distribution to residents relying on electric vehicle charging, and companies that run electric car and battery production factories is intensifying.
  • Power-to-X – with the uplift in electricity conversion technologies for natural gas, hydrogen, and carbon-neutral fuels, many businesses are exploring and testing ways to update existing infrastructure to use more advanced conversion technologies, lower rates of conversion losses, and maintain optimal levels for transmitted power. Transporting green energy carriers presents many complex challenges, for example, hydrogen embrittlement in hydrogen’s case, which is why companies are seeking expert advice or talented technical and commercial professionals to help with their transition.

Our Expertise of Transmission and Distribution

The landscape is rapidly changing and our team of consultants have extensive knowledge of the market dynamics and are well connected to talented T&D professionals across the world. We have an excellent track record of successfully supporting companies in this space.

Some of the market niches we cover

  • High voltage overhead transmission
  • Underground transmission
  • Offshore Electrical & Commissioning
  • Supply chain management
  • QHSE
  • Project development
  • Fabrication & Inspection



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