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Local Workforce Mobilisation – Field Service Engineers

Market: Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution

Service: Global Mobility

Region: North America

“Pangea’s focused team, as a rule, build unrivalled, in-depth expertise of their talent network for each country across EMEA and APAC. This means specific, local workforce solutions can be delivered with maximum impact for Pangea clients.”

  • These unprecedented times have resulted in our key Canadian customer struggling to keep local operations alive, due to a shortage of manpower. This was immediately the case as the global spread of COVID-19 increased and the decision was made to halt any international travel, unless critical.

  • Where ex-pat labour pools were the primary source prior to the travel bans, customers were now solely reliant on their local labour pools, which were untested by our customers.


    We qualified with the client, that they would require 6 Subsea FSE (Field Service Engineers) with subject matter expertise to keep the operations alive and to circumvent the customer being forced to leave the project due to a lack of skilled manpower. Our disciplined, focused team immediately homed in on our Canadian national network pools.


    The goal was simple, provide a list of 10 subject matter experts who were as closely located to the job site as possible, giving our customers choices. As a rule, our team always dissects their network into specific geographies. This immediately saved us valuable time, as we were able to network with consultants locally with the region itself. Once selected we engaged with our workforce mobilisation team in order to utilise a compliant payroll & invoicing structure with our client to mitigate any WHT (withholding tax) & VAT (GST) implications.

  • Within a 72-hour window, the client selected 6 of our local Canadian candidates, including one who lived 15 mins from the job site. Pangea’s contractor onboarding team managed all the relevant certifications & contractual obligations for our contractors to be successfully onboarded in the project.