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Water Treatment

Water treatment markets have seen a recent pivot towards increasing diversity and lowering the age demographic as new technology continually changes conventional knowledge previously required by employers. A mix of both technical project and commercial experience is highly sought after. As one of the most knowledge-intensive industries globally, it is deemed integral to our sustainable future.

The areas of water and wastewater treatment are expected to experience steady growth at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2019 to 2025 to reach $211 billion by 2025.

With the global demand for clean water increasing as a result of rapid urbanisation, high importance has been placed on stopping water-borne diseases and improving overall water quality.

Emerging Trends in Water Treatment and Talent Insights

Chemicals, as a result, play a significant part in treating water, as well as harnessing the right equipment and facilities to improve access to clean water. This, therefore, separates much of the general labour force in this sector into the disciplines of engineering and biochemicals, although many other conventional business functions are also relevant.

The water and wastewater treatment sector is still expected to see the skills gap continue widening with a lack of young STEM employees to fill key skilled roles such as research scientists and engineers. The pandemic has also caused mass change with the industry slowing down further proved by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimating that the chemicals industry had experienced a 2.1% cut of the entire workforce.

There is also expected to be an increasing need for advanced and skilled employees such as chemical engineers and data scientists. While conventional engineering and technical skills will always be a requirement for any company in the industry, new talent and time-relevant skills are essential for these companies to remain competitive and have continued success.

The Talent Acquisition Specialist For Water Treatment Specialisms

The water treatment sector is one of the core verticals of focus at Pangea Talent Solutions. We have a team of consultants that specialise in recruiting candidates in the field of water treatment. Whether it is an infrastructure need such as a pipeline build or a chemical factory project, we deliver the resourcing solutions that our clients need on a global scale. Ranging from niche technical roles to senior management roles, our depth of knowledge can enhance organisations working throughout the water treatment sector. Pangea Talent Solutions has built and developed a global presence and network in the sector which enables us to deliver to each client and candidate the continuous support they need.

Some of the markets and specialisms we cover


  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Water treatment equipment (pumps, sensors, analysers, etc.)

  • Engineers: Process Engineers, Field Service Engineers, and Application Engineers.
  • Sales: Sales Managers, Sales Directors, and Service Managers
  • Biochemicals & Science: Biochemical Engineers, Environmental Engineers and Biochemical Scientists
  • Senior Executive Leadership: Chief Sales Officers, Directors, and Vice Presidents

Our Service Standards

Our team of specialist consultants are readily available to assist clients on-demand and can support to overcome a plethora of talent and project challenges. Our client services ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of what your talent requirements are before identifying and screening candidates best suited to your team culture and the position.



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