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Future Mobility

Future mobility and related markets such as EV charging are the strategic areas of today and the future. The combination of growing government support, corporations shifting their priorities and consumer behaviour becoming more mindful is shaping a new ecosystem of automotive suppliers, public charging infrastructure, renewable electricity production and consumer demand. Our specialist team is embedded in the markets of this ecosystem, and we are well versed to consult on the related matters of talent strategy and workforce development


Overall, future mobility is a megatrend that is likely to shape the success and sustainable growth of thousands of companies and millions of professionals worldwide.

Future Mobility Talent Trends and Market Insight

The companies aiming to remain competitive and the new mobility players looking to maintain their foothold require talent with digital skills and software experience as well as data and analytics know-how. Having a depth of knowledge across the business should enable business transformation to be more seamless as the nature of manufacturing and operations evolves to become digitised and electric-first.

Many businesses are attempting to reskill their teams or inherit talent through mergers and acquisitions and at the same time, Pangea Talent Solutions has directly learned from client engagement that new mobility strategic workforce plans are successfully being realised through talent acquisition investment. This has been prevalent as many businesses have expressed the need for more broadly developed teams at all levels to ensure value-creation in the short and long term. Our clients are bracing themselves for milestones in a number of investment areas:

  • Global EV Production and Supply Chain Management – one key trend in the e-mobility market is the increasing production and sales of EVs. Global EV sales have grown significantly in recent years, with more than 5.1 million EVs sold in 2020. This trend is expected to continue as governments around the world set ambitious targets for EV adoption and manufacturers invest in the development of new EV models.
  • Charging Infrastructure – the implications of limited range and access to charging stations will remain a challenge this decade for governments and manufacturers. In the wider context of future mobility, companies are planning for more powerful infrastructure that also utilises software to enable more advanced traffic management and parking systems.
  • New Mobility Business Models – a multitude of business models and solutions are emerging: mobility-as-a-service, freight-sharing solutions, ridesharing and car-sharing applications that will require internal talent and experience. In addition, there are wider implications to consider such as the potential need for new business relationships and partnerships for external resources and knowledge, be it with semiconductor suppliers or municipalities that are keen to work with these service providers.
  • Automotive Technology – the advancement of information technology and artificial intelligence are making the next crop of vehicles and systems smarter, better connected and more autonomous. Features such as voice control and recognition, navigation systems with augmented reality tech, and connectivity to wearables and smartphones are set to become the new standard and consumer expectations of all modes of transport will align with these developments.

Our Expertise of Future Mobility

The future mobility consultants here at Pangea Talent Solutions have a deep understanding of the talent shifts and have formed strong relationships with professionals in these markets:

  • E-mobility Charging Infrastructure
  • Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) Vehicles and Transport

Our international consultants are highly experienced and are connected to leading talent in a number of key disciplines:

  • Technology: Software Engineering, Data Science, and DevOps
  • Sales and Business Development: Account Executive, VP Sales, and BD Director
  • Product Strategy and Product Management: Development Engineer, Head of Product, and Digital Product Manager
  • Engineering: Engineering Manager, VP Engineering, and Engineering Director
  • Senior Executive Leadership: CEO, President, and Managing Director

Our Service Standards

Our team of specialist consultants are readily available to assist clients on-demand and can support to overcome a plethora of talent and project challenges. Pangea Talent Solutions has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing consistent product and service quality – ISO 9001 is the world-standard reference for quality.



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