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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The best RPO providers should be capable of taking ownership and collaborating with the client on matters of the entire process: Recruitment and workforce planning; Talent engagement; Candidate management; Hiring manager engagement; Pre-employment screening; and Compliance.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

RPO involves transferring a part or all your recruitment function to an external provider. The extent of service provided depends on the type and scale of talent acquisition support a business needs. Recruitment process outsourcing usually involves much more than just sourcing and placing candidates for a required role or project.

What we offer

We can support companies with both a fully comprehensive RPO solution or a flexible contingent RPO solution. Working with us differentiates from working with traditional more market-agnostic RPO providers.

Pangea Talent Solutions will always provide:
Access to specialist global talent pools.
Market-specific institutional knowledge on energy, sustainability and infrastructure.
Excellent service standards.

These are the services we can provide as part of a custom-designed RPO solution:

  • Dedicated Market Specialist Headhunting Team and Account Manager – on engagement, we will dedicate a specific headhunting team focussed on your project. We help coordinate the full talent lifecycle helping you avoid the pitfalls of a multi-vendor non-exclusive contingent recruitment plan.
  • Technology Stack – we help your team identify and leverage the best talent technology on the market.
  • Marketing Support – we help you develop campaigns to enhance your employer brand and attractiveness to a specific target audience of talent.
  • Affiliate Network of Talent/HR consultants – along with our in-house expertise, we leverage top Talent professionals from our affiliate network to embed in your business.
  • Talent Pooling – no black box, you have access on your dedicate talent ATS to all the talent we identify for you, for an effective long-term talent pipeline.
  • Internal Talent Team Training – receive training and upskill your internal HR team from our own accredited and experienced HR and Peoples team leaders.
  • Other Support Solutions – leverage our other service offerings to significantly improve your results and performance. For example, we can provide interim contractors to fill any talent gaps whilst we are identifying permanent staff or use Pangea SI for project due diligence or strategic market research.

Some points to consider

– Do you need a partner to manage in-country payroll and compliance whilst you are getting ready to enter a new market?
– Have you thought about your exact talent needs and the capabilities you have at every stage of the talent acquisition lifecycle?
– Do you need market-embedded Expert insights on key strategic topics?
Utilise our strategic research arm, Pangea Strategic Intelligence, for your project.


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