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Executive Search – Energy Supply and Trading

Market: Energy Supply and Trading

Service: Executive Search

Region: Europe

“We didn’t have the access to talent, which was slowing down our recruitment process; costing us time and money.”

  • Our client was looking for a long-term Eastern European Trader to be based in Slovenia. This was proving to be a challenging role to fill for our clients, due to the location of the role and the lack of long-term traders in liquid markets.

  • In order to find a long-term trader to fit the position, Pangea carried out a full market map, candidate qualification, straight-line closing, peer reference checks and verbal referencing on behalf of the client.

    During this time, Pangea also mapped out the market for the client, providing invaluable market insight into the operations of its competitors in the industry.

  • Pangea was able to place a very senior candidate, who came from a direct competitor. This individual not only brought the skill set and high level of experience that they were looking for but also its network wealth, which has proved to be invaluable to the client.

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