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Global Mobilisation – Quality Control Pipeline Project

“Europe’s largest pipeline project required project staff, with a niche skill set, to work in remote areas.”

  • Our client was looking for a Quality Control Manager in Albania, for a mega pipeline project. This position required an individual with a very specific, niche skill set, and they were having trouble finding the right professional. They were also having challenges mobilising staff to the remote location of the project.

  • Pangea identified the client’s challenges and worked with them to overcome them by creating a variety of solutions. Pangea implemented their Global Mobilisation service where, through their network of international partners, in-house global compliance team and multi-currency payroll system, they were able to develop a bespoke and tailored mobilisation plan.

    This service included taxation, payroll, and mobilisation, demobilisation, in-country support for contracts, medical coverage and visa support.
    With Pangea's global network, understanding of the desired skillset and industry knowledge, they were able to fill the specific role.

  • Pangea found a qualified QC Manager, with the required skill set, who was willing to work on the remote pipeline project. They then mobilised the individual using the Global Mobilisation service.
    Since the first, successful placement, Pangea has continued to fill a number of roles in a variety of countries for the client. This service helped to reduce the client’s cost of expanding into a new market and enabled them to avoid common pitfalls of doing business in a new location.