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Pangea Talent Solutions focus on services that can specifically meet your immediate needs as well as long-term human resources strategy.

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Talent Acquisition

We help companies worldwide to find and secure in-demand talent, on both a permanent and interim basis, to accelerate business change and take their company to the next level.

Executive Search

Our specialist headhunting teams have the networks and deep industry experience to deliver C-level professionals across all the key markets we cover.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We serve as an external provider to manage any part of or all your recruitment activities, from talent engagement to workforce planning, for short or long-term projects.

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Global Mobility

Flexible workforce solutions for rapid, risk-free growth. Our global mobilisation team is ready to support you if you need to get people working in a location you have not operated in before.

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Statement of Work

We take control of full packages of work for our clients – our approach is fully collaborative, outcome-based and focused on achieving specific project deliverables.

Our Clients

At Pangea Talent Solutions, we are leading a seismic shift in the energy sector, with relationships that cross borders, services and industries. We invest in our clients - their objectives become ours and we build solutions that are talent based. Through their growth, we grow. Many of our customers bid for projects in locations and sectors that require specific competence and expertise. This is because their confidence in us, and ours in them, allow us both to tackle these challenges and grow together.

Some Featured Testimonials

Hear from our clients how our deep understanding of the markets and ability to secure highly sought-after talent impacted their business results.

Case Studies

To find out more about how we have helped our clients. Select a case study for a deeper dive into our success. Pangea Talent Solutions has achieved international success in major energy sector markets.

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