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Oil and Gas

Pangea Talent Solutions is committed to delivering human capital solutions to these traditional businesses attempting to adjust their talent strategies in line with the world’s energy transition.

Oil & Gas remains a major contributor to the world’s energy mix making up over 50% of global energy combined. There has been a resurgence in the Oil & Gas industry of late but multiple factors are contributing to a turbulent time for the industry.

Oil & Gas Labour Movement and Trends

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and a sudden downturn in Oil & Gas employment, levels have risen again and are projected to continue rising for years to come.

Currently, the industry is seeking many skilled professionals such as petroleum engineers and geoscientists, but the biggest challenge is employee retention as many industry workers say they aim to seek roles in renewables in the near future.

Specialist talent acquisition provider for Oil and Gas markets

Pangea Talent Solutions has held the Oil & Gas industry as a cornerstone of its operations since its founding in 2010. This industry was our first area of operations and remains a large part of the company’s business. Throughout our time in this industry, we have provided talent acquisition solutions and human resource planning support to EPCs, utilities, PMCs, Oil & Gas majors and emerging market companies.

Some of the markets we cover

  • Upstream to Downstream Oil & Gas Supply
  • Crude Storage, Infrastructure and Pipelines
  • Refining and Distribution


Our Service Standards

Our team of specialist consultants are readily available to assist clients on-demand and can support to overcome a plethora of talent and project challenges. Pangea Talent Solutions has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing consistent product and service quality – ISO 9001 is the world-standard reference for quality.



We have placed candidates in over 50 countries.



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