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Energy and Infrastructure Investment

The Energy and Infrastructure Investment desk here at Pangea Talent Solutions is focused on enabling leading investors and advisors to successfully grow their investment portfolios, drive value creation and economic growth, and deliver returns. We do this by proactively networking with key decision-makers in the industry with whom we have established relationships, to gain an intricate understanding of the constantly evolving market landscape, offering our clients an insight-driven approach to talent acquisition.

Pangea Talent Solutions hires across many energy sector industries, energy finance being one of our prime specialisms. We provide an end-to-end talent solution for consultancies, corporates and investment organisations already in the space. Having placed talent in over 50 countries and with regional hubs in London, Austin, New York, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, we are well-positioned to offer a global footprint to help your organisation scale anywhere in the world.

Employment and Skills Trends in Energy and Infrastructure Investment

Following the COP26 conference in November 2022, it’s clear that the talk around renewables has never been more prominent, especially when it comes to infrastructure. More and more, investors are looking to fund projects that will help support the energy transition, while increasing their focus on digital infrastructure. There were also a number of other themes that were on the agenda:

  • Rise of AI – The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into infrastructure investing has been a steady trend over the last few years.
  • Race To Net Zero – Net zero is at the forefront of most companies’ ESG strategies and is especially important at a time when the world is racing to meet climate goals
  • Identifying New Sectors – Looking to the future, it is no surprise investors want to tap into new sectors, such as tech and social infrastructure. Digital disruption is having and will have, a tremendous impact on infrastructure companies’ business models.
  • Solving Water Scarcity – As the climate crisis evolves, water scarcity is becoming an increasing global problem. The key to tackling this problem is through the preservation of existing water sources as well as investment in smart technology. Covid-19 has forced businesses to undergo rapid digital transformations.
  • Focus On Social Issues – When it comes to ESG, companies tend to prioritise environmental concerns over social and governance issues. Movements such as Black Lives Matter have also sharpened the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Firms are increasingly taking steps to attract and retain more diverse talent.
At Pangea, 39% of our placements in this market have been female.

– Kiera O’Reilly, Lead Partner – Energy and Infrastructure Investment

Pangea’s Role in Energy and Infrastructure Investment

Using our deep market insights, we offer our clients guidance on how to position themselves to attract the most sought-after talent, as well as advice on how to retain top performers in an extremely competitive market. We leverage our unique perspective of the industry to offer our clients the level of business intelligence required to be one step ahead.

Our capabilities range from contingent Analyst level searches all the way through to retained Managing Director mandates. Regardless of the assignment, our detailed, client-centric approach remains the same.

Our service is relevant to

  • Investment Managers, Institutional Investors, Investment Banks, Portfolio Companies
  • Experience level: Analyst, Associate, VP, Director, Managing Director, C-Suite

Our Service Standards

Our team of specialist consultants are readily available to assist clients on-demand and can support to overcome a plethora of talent and project challenges. Pangea Talent Solutions has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing consistent product and service quality – ISO 9001 is the world-standard reference for quality.



We have placed candidates in over 50 countries.



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