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Clean Technology

The Cleantech sector is taking a pivot towards digitalization where skills such as electrical engineering and computer science are in high demand for many jobs in this sector. The introduction of automation and AI brings new opportunities to develop smarter solutions in order to help combat climate change. Our deep understanding of clean technology markets spurs from our relationships with key business decision-makers and talent pools driving the development of the industry.

The Clean Technology industry is expected to be worth billions of dollars by the end of 2030. According to the IEA, solar PV technology will serve as a central pillar to the world’s clean energy transition. Its role will impact the demand for critical materials and as a consequence lead to renewed outgrowth of production and storage technologies linked to hydrogen and electric vehicles.

Clean Technology Labour and Skills Trends

This decade we are expecting the production and trade of emerging and mass-manufactured clean technologies and components to scale up significantly while the priority remains high for our major nations.

The processes, equipment, analytics platforms and technologies that are critical to EV battery production, energy storage solutions, sustainable energy conversion, low carbon transport and infrastructure systems are presenting these themes:

  • Grid Modernisation and Supply Chain Development – the full and successful acceptance of clean technologies will rely on government policies and supply regulations that support further investment.
  • Digital Energy Solutions – smart homes, smart buildings, and energy management software will be integral to wider society adoption.
  • Sustainable Smart Mining – increased focus on optimising mining processes, equipment performance, analytics tools, resource separation as well as more sustainable manufacturing capacity development and recycling/reuse.
  • Enabling Clean Technologies via Critical Materials – process improvements and acceleration at extraction and refining stages are vital for the clean energy transition. This involves minerals like lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, and palladium as well as resources and components for EV batteries, fuel cells, electrolysers, wind turbines, and solar panels.

Our Specialist Position in Clean Technology Markets

Having worked with hundreds of businesses and established strong professional networks in this field,
our team possesses a nuanced understanding of the strategic priorities of the companies investing in clean energy as well as the skills and talent that leaders are focusing on.

Our international consultants are passionate about the technologies facilitating the reuse of renewable energy and their knowledge is embedded by conversations related to a number of key clean technology disciplines:

  • Technology: Software Engineering, Data Science, and DevOps
  • Sales and Business Development: Account Executive, VP Sales, and BD Director
  • Product Strategy and Product Management: Development Engineer, Head of Product, and Digital Product Manager
  • Engineering: Engineering Manager, VP Engineering, and Engineering Director
  • Senior Executive Leadership: CEO, President, and Managing Director

Relevant Services

Considering the vast range of technical professionals under the umbrella of Cleantech, filtering through countless skill sets to find the right match for a particular job with expertise in this field can be challenging.

Our Service Standards

Our team of specialist consultants are readily available to assist clients on-demand and can support to overcome a plethora of talent and project challenges. Pangea Talent Solutions has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing consistent product and service quality – ISO 9001 is the world-standard reference for quality.



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