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Executive Search – Renewables Talent

Market: Renewables

Service: Executive Search, Talent Acquisition

Region: Asia

“After acquiring projects in Japan, we required a partner with a global network.”

  • After acquiring projects in Japan, our client required a Construction Manager and Chief Electrical Engineer to assist with the delivery/execution of two 12-20 PV sites. However, our client quickly faced two major challenges in recruiting for these two roles: 
    - The Construction Manager was required to work in a remote location in Japan, with strict budget restraints.
    - The Chief Electrical Engineer required a specific certification to sign off high voltage and solar PV projects and only a certain, select and very few locals hold this certification.

    Both were key positions on the project, which had niche skill sets, required specific certifications, and along with a Japanese barrier – they were challenging positions to fill.

  • Pangea Talent Solutions used its global network and its Executive Search service to identify two niche candidates for these positions.

    An international Construction Manager was identified, who was not only willing to work in remote locations but who had a strong background in solar utility-scale projects in the APAC region. This candidate understood the Japanese market and fitted in with the local culture.

    Pangea additionally placed the Chief Electrical Engineer – this individual was a certified first-class electrical engineer (to obtain this qualification the candidate must have over 10 years of exposure within the construction industry.) Pangea carried out a senior management tracking referral system in order to identify an experienced, Japanese professional.

  • After two successful placements, our clients were able to break into the Japanese market and complete the projects, on time and to budget and to the satisfaction of the clientele and the government.

    This successful assignment has led to an ongoing relationship and with a strong Japanese network, Pangea can continue to support the company and its requirements.