The Pangea Name

Pangea is a reference to the single Pangaea supercontinent in the early Mesozoic period.

Oftentimes, unity embodies power. We believe in this.

That is why Pangea Talent Solutions exemplifies our collaborative approach. Rather than create a separation between organisations, divisions and leaders, we wish to bring knowledge, expertise, understanding, experience, passion, and talented people together.

Why the partial rebrand to Pangea Talent Solutions?

Pangea Talent Solutions has been supporting the energy transition for hundreds of businesses throughout the decades. Our new brand is a tangible indication of how we are keeping up with the speed of the changing markets.

It showcases our distinct suite of services and valuable solutions, better demonstrates our values, and celebrates the people driving forward the success of our business. From the logo, our new colour style, to the way we communicate and build relationships, we want our community and clients to feel proud to partner with us.

About Our Values and Future Ambitions

We constantly focus on value creation and strive to make a positive and credible impact - be it for our internal teams, our clients, the collaborations we are involved with and the communities we serve.

As we all endeavour to achieve net-zero, the next few decades will undoubtedly present a series of challenges which to overcome will require unique industry perspectives, sharing experience and the development of expertise.

People will be paramount to making sustainable growth a reality. This is why we exist and will continue to serve as the global human capital solutions provider for markets related to the energy transition.

Our Values

  • Fostering Collaborative Communities

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Growth Mindset

  • Inspiring Expertise

Serving the World's Energy Transition

A short statement from our leader, Sanjay Ramdhonee:

Pangea Talent Solutions wants to be there every step of the way as the world adapts to an energy transition shift. The thousands of people whose careers and business projects have been positively impacted by us has led to a global network of change and professional growth.

We know that being able to adapt is more critical than ever if we are to successfully move along with the world's energy transition. Our vision remains the same and we will continue to focus on helping the vertical markets integral to net-zero targets however our new identity signals our evolving direction, our progressive goals and our willingness to embrace the global industry's advance."


Our Clients