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Pangea Talent Solutions have worked with over 850 clients worldwide! Pangea works internationally and makes sure that client satisfaction and service are met 100% of the time.

The company's exceptional service standards, market-specific institutional knowledge, and access to specialist talent pools make us a reliable partner for global and local markets.

The process was very comprehensive and efficient."

– EG EnerKey

Here are the services we can offer you:

Our Services

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Executive Search

  • RPO

  • Global Mobility

  • SOW

Our process

1. Touching Base: Contact our team by filling in your details and we can discuss your project requirements.

2. Exploratory Call: We want to ensure we go through all the details and match you with the right internal team member to deliver your needs.
3. Stratagy: Once we start the process, we will update you on our strategy, and progress. Making sure you are informed throughout the duration of the project is vital.
4. Delivery: We will secure candidates based on our meticulous research. Based on your feedback we will continue to deliver or we would have secured the right talent for your role!

View one of our case study where we transform clients' businesses by bringing in talent:

Executive Search – Clean Tech CEO Placement

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  • Talent Acquisition: Pangea Talent Solutions offers comprehensive talent acquisition services to help businesses acquire the right talent and skills to remain competitive and achieve their goals.

  • Executive Search: Pangea Talent Solutions offers executive search services that provide access to specialist global talent pools and market-specific knowledge. Our executive search team uses a nuanced approach to target passive candidates with exceptional leadership acumen and career histories.


  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Pangea Talent Solutions offers both fully comprehensive and flexible contingent RPO solutions, with access to specialist global talent pools and market-specific knowledge. Consider partnering with Pangea for payroll and compliance management, expert insights, and a customized talent acquisition strategy to enhance your employer brand and attract top talent.


  • Global Mobility: Pangea Talent Solutions offers a unique service that reduces the cost, risk, and time it takes to expand into a new market. We provide compliant relocation and immigration services, expert guidance on work and residence permits, and full candidate care on contracts, taxation, and compensation structure.
  • Global Mobility Infographic


  • Statement of Work: Pangea Talent Solutions offers personalized labour provision and management of key activities to give clients more time to focus on their business. With reliable professionals from their global talent network, deep knowledge of agile PM methodologies, and world-class technology, they can provide dedicated project management, strategic evaluation, and effective contingent workforce solutions.

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Showcase of our awards

ISO 9001:2015

We are an ISO member and conform to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards. Used by millions of organizations around the world, ISO 9001 is the world-standard reference for quality.

Certificate awarded by BSI -


VCU 2011/05

We recently achieved a VCU 2011/05 certification that will allow the secondment of technical personnel to perform work in a high-risk environment through our reaches in the Netherlands.

The aim is to deliver our unique and high-quality client services on a global scale, and having the capabilities to enhance our position in Europe is an important part of this goal. 

Certificate awarded by NCI Certification -

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