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Pangea Talent Solutions Success Stories

As a rapidly expanding company, we are committed to growing both our workforce and the capabilities we possess. We believe in the importance of continual improvement and progression for our team. We have put in place a variety of plans and programs to achieve this goal. A key component of these efforts is our L&D programme, which includes:

  • Learning: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the resourcing lifecycle, expand your knowledge of the market, and make the most of every day.
  • Training: Our tailored advanced training will teach you advanced sales techniques and help you hone your business acumen.
  • Development: With a curriculum designed specifically for leadership skills and challenges, gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in higher-level positions.


At our organization, success is not based on prior experience. We have had great success in training individuals from the ground up, including those who are new to the workforce. Our thorough training materials and resources help to ensure that all of our consultants become experts in their respective markets. Furthermore, even though you may be new to your field, our training programs gives you the tools to excel and be successful.


After successfully completing the probation period of your role, the development and growth of your knowledge and skills will continue. We provide ongoing coaching and mentoring from our in-house L&D team to help you become an expert in your field and excel in your position. This will help to ensure that you have the necessary skills to perform at your best and succeed in your role.


At Pangea Talent Solutions, we value a diverse range of qualities and skills in our team members, beyond those that are specific to their recruitment role. We believe that this diversity is key in creating unique and well-rounded services for our clients. One example of this is a team member who participated in a course to become a Mental Health First Aider. They were able to leverage this expertise to promote progress in mental health at our company, going as far as adding a free therapy service to our workplace platform.

First, our company does not have a traditional waiting period for promotions. Unlike other companies where roles are typically filled and stay filled until the person in that role leaves, at Pangea, your career path is entirely up to you. There are no obstacles blocking your progression. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to shape your role to your strengths and aspirations, whether that be focusing on a 180 position or expanding to a 360 position with more responsibilities. And promotions are available across all positions and not only in 360 roles.

We also offer different career paths for our team members. Those who aspire to lead a team and contribute to the company’s growth can take the leadership path, while those who prefer an independent role can pursue the commercial pathway with roles such as Director of New Market Development or Client Services.

As an expanding company on an international scale, we believe our team should also have international opportunities. This is why we offer sponsored visas for UK team members to move to one of our US offices. If you are capable and ready for the challenge, you may even have the opportunity to open your own office just as some of our senior leaders have done, such as Neil Jethwa for our first US office and Raphael Penque for our Dubai office.

Finally, our senior leadership team is always available for support, training, and advice, making it easy for you access the knowledge you might need from those with experience to progress and develop just as they have in Pangea.

Success Stories

We understand that our words only have meaning if we can demonstrate the progress and growth that some of our team members have achieved while working with us. To that end, we’d like to share with you a few examples of the impressive individuals who have thrived at Pangea:

Dominic Wing

Dominic joined Pangea in March 2019 as a Recruiter with a long-term vision. In April, he made his first 360 deal, breaking the company record at 4 weeks. This success led to his promotion to Senior Consultant in August. He then continued to excel by reaching over 300k in billings, earning numerous Lunch Club and VIP trip qualifications, and successfully building and leading a team within his niche market. Despite achieving Partner status, Dominic did not settle with these already astounding achievements, as he set his sights on becoming a Senior Partner, which he ultimately achieved. Throughout his time at Pangea, Dominic recognized his potential and continuously sought out new opportunities for growth and success.

Maëva Mansour

Maëva joined Pangea in March 2020 as a Business Development Manager. Within two months, she had successfully brought on a large key account and made her first permanent placement. The company’s continued dealings and collaborations with this client demonstrate the value Maëva brought to the team. It was no surprise that she went on to achieve so much throughout her first year at the company, including qualifying for the Lunch Club, earning a promotion to Global Head of Client Services, starting her own team within Client Services, and even recruiting her own team members before the year was over. Maëva’s rapid success serves as a testament to the opportunities for growth and achievement at Pangea. She has since become Lead Partner, and continued growing her team to a significant size.