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Mission Malawi: What Now? How is Malawi Developing For The Future?

In our third Mission Malawi article, we at Pangea Talent Solutions provide insight into the potential solutions and investment opportunities available throughout the nation. Through the right investment and infrastructure, management and guidance, the opportunity to transform the economic landscape of the nation are substantial.

Having looked at many of the challenges faced by the nation of Malawi in our past article, it’s clear to even the layman that developing for the future is no mean feat. The land-locked nation relies almost solely on its volatile agricultural sector to keep its economy afloat and faces political and regulatory issues that blight its development. However, with its current situation, the nation also represents a blank canvas of opportunity, with market sectors ripe for investment.

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Notable investment opportunities

From pharmaceuticals to telecommunications and transportation, there is plenty for savvy investors to benefit from. The Energy and Natural Resources Industry, for example, is one market sector that is crying out for investment. Malawi’s Integrated Resource Plan aims to ensure that 30% of the population has access by 2030. At present, just 11% of the 18 million population enjoys access – and not particularly stable access – to electricity. Through advancements in hydro, solar, wind, and coal energy technology, helping to support the growth and ambitions of the Malawian people is a clear opportunity.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) superhighway, meanwhile, looks to enhance the economic competitiveness of the region’s landlocked nations – including Malawi. Through the provision of fibre optic communications, this enterprise will also reduce costs substantially, improving data flow and opening the nation to increased opportunities, making it a more attractive proposition for investors.

Political developments

Overcoming the challenges presented by incumbent governments and political factions is never easy. The recent re-election of President Peter Mutharika has been beset by controversy, with the incumbent leader having to face a court battle over voting irregularities. Not only that, but rumours regarding high-level corruption shrouded his presidency, despite Mutharika eventually being cleared by national watchdogs. The ongoing conflict over the election on May 21, however, will continue to impact the country, as calls for Mutharika to step down and protests and arrests throughout the nation show no sign of abating.

Trans-African Highway Network

One of Africa’s largest transportation and infrastructure developments of all time, the Trans-African Highway Network has been helping improve links across the continent through the development of nine highways covering nearly 60,000 kilometres. The benefits for cross-border trading are obvious – 41 major cities in the sub-Saharan region being connected by improved infrastructure mean faster and more frequent trade. Malawi, while not part of the Trans-African Highway Network, has paved highways that connect to it, giving the country opportunities to benefit.

Grassroots Initiatives

There are a great number of charities and groups operating at the grassroots level, donating their time and skills to helping vulnerable people in Malawi. For example, African Vision Malawi has run various projects such as Bicycle Ambulances to provide transport to hospitals due to the lack of health centres and large catchment areas. Cycle of Good, meanwhile, is engaged in the production of recycled goods as well as promoting fair trade, and its Elephant Bikes scheme – Buy One, Give One – enables UK citizens to donate a refurbished postal bike – either with or without a basket/plastic tray – to those in Malawi.

Pangea Talent Solutions and Zero Hunger with Langar

This partnership supports Zero Hunger with Langar’s for-purpose movement to end world hunger and incorporates Pangea’s mission to power the world’s future leaders – starting in Malawi.

The 2019 project involves building a solar-powered serving centre in a village called Chilingani, located about 20km outside the city of Blantyre. This sustainable hub will provide education and food provision to the village ensuring sustenance and will promote skills development. The envisaged long-term impact is significantly increased socio-economic mobility – for Malawians in Chilingani and neighbouring villages, and an enrichment of jobs to spark new business models to grow the economy of Malawi.

Through outside investment, enhanced education, and the support and training provided at the grassroots level – all backed by government policies – Malawi will undoubtedly find itself in a far more preferable position in the coming years.

Pangea Talent Solutions is organising and has taken part in many fundraising events to help fund our serving centre project, such as the 2019 National Three Peaks Challenge.

To find out more about our cause-related initiatives or if you would like to inform us of any notable projects, please start a conversation with us.