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Executive Search – LNG Supply Trading

Market: Energy Supply and Trading

Service: Executive Search

Region: Europe

“Pangea enabled us to grow our LNG network and cultivate new business in Asia.”

  • Our client had been looking for a Senior Business Risk Auditor for six months. However, the agencies that they had partnered with were providing candidates that were not of high enough quality and ones that wouldn't add value to their business. As it had been such a long process, not having this position filled was starting to impact the business negatively.

  • Due to Pangea’s Risk and Audit Team's global network and market insights, they were able to assist the company with its search. To start the process, Pangea established from the client exactly what they were looking for and what an exceptional candidate would look like to them.


    A timeline was then agreed and Pangea implemented three technical elimination questions, to ensure all candidates were at the desired level. Pangea then mapped out the market and the Senior Auditors in the Swiss Market. From there, the six steps of headhunting were then carried out to find the best candidates IN the market, not ON it.


    The best talent within the market was then put forward, will a full candidate overview, salary expectations, etc. to ensure the process was managed from both sides.

  • Within one month, Pangea placed a Senior Business Risk Auditor. Since then, the candidate has been promoted to Regional Audit Manager.


    Pangea is now an established partner of the business, working with the Manager to help him with his business requirements. This relationship is being expanded globally.

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